Alcaucin, town of the Axarquia, located to the slope of Tejeda Mountain range and surrounded by the nature, offers tranquillity, harmony and splendid views to the Mountain range and villages of the zone.

Sierra Tejeda

Furthermore you can enjoy meals and traditional celebrations of the locality, Examples:

-San Sebastian (Landlord), January 20th.

-Celebrations of the Quarter Pier, March 19th .

-Romeria of the Palace, May 15th .

-Fair and Flamenco Festival, First days of August.

-Celebration of the Low Sale, Half-full of August.

-Small fair (Virgin of the Rosary), October 7th.

-Celebration of the Chestnut, First Week of November.

You cannot fail to take advantage the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable days. Only 15 minutes from Velez Malaga and 35 minutes from the capital Malaga.

A little of History

The assault on sale of Alcaucin, property of Pedro Mellado, April 24th of 1569, seems to be the most excellent data of his history. It Was the main protagonist “Andres the Xorairan”, muslim been born in Sedella, who attacked against the Venta waving a dull flag of red taffeta, by been to have kept during many years in the power of a neighbor of the place. The flag at issue was adorned with green moon inside. This action urged the neighbors to a rebellion.

The assault took place after a called muslim “Almueden” got from the Alpujarra to try to rescue his wife, captive of a Christian of Taps of Olive tree that, according to all the indications, could be Pedro Mellado. The Christian retaliation was not made hope taking place tortures and death of a good number of muslims.

But the history of Alcaucin has other antecedents, have been found tests that the prehistoric man lived in his term. In August of 1983 in a cave near the “Opening of Zafarraya” the jaw of a man of Neanthertal, besides a femur and other rest that belonged to a man of about 40 years and of 1.62 meters of height to which the archaeologists baptized like “the man of Zafarraya”. The denominated Culture of Neanthertal includes a period that from 100,000 years b.C to 35,000 years a.C. The cave is located to about 1,100 meters of altitude in the skirt of Tejeda Mountain.

The Man Of Zafarraya            
Jaw of The Man Of Zafarraya
Opening Of Zafarraya
Cave Of Opening Of Zafarraya

On the other hand also one thinks that the Castle of Zalia, in the term of Alcaucin, was constructed by the Phoenicians to support its penetration in the territory. The Muslims occupied the strength, reconstructing it and remaining in her until the conquest of Velez Malaga in 1487.

Castle Of Zalia